Should Video Be a Part of Your Digital Marketing Plan?
These days, companies of all sizes are taking advantage of the benefits of adding video to their website. There are a lot of reasons it’s become so popular, but often the customers of Webstract wonder if it’s right for their company. They wonder what the real benefits are – and isn’t it expensive to make a high-quality video? We’re here to give you the details on how video can help your company.

Video allows you to get your message out to current and potential customers

When you use a custom video, you’re creating an opportunity to interact with customers and potential customers. You can break down those digital barriers and finally connect with your customers. Your video could show them behind-the-scenes shots that shows them how your company runs, or it could give customers instructions on your product. The choice is yours, but one thing is for sure: Video is quickly becoming one of the most popular marketing options.

Search engines love videos

The main reasons that clients of Webstract use videos is to connect with their customers. However, that’s not the only reason. Search engines love video, which means that if you add video to a page or two, you could boost your rankings and clients could find your company much more easily when they search for relevant keywords.

It’s easier than you think to make a custom video

You would likely be surprised to find out just how affordable it is to make a video. Not only that, but it’s easy and it can even be fun! We can write the entire video script, we can product the video, and we’ll event edit it so it’s ready to go live on our website. Then share it on social media and get the word out! We make it easy for you to finally add video to your site.

Just how important is a video?

At Webstract, we have plenty of anecdotal evidence that videos can have a significant impact on search engine rankings. For example, one client was on page 15 and all we did was add a video. As a result, his page was on page 1. Aside from our anecdotal evidence, there’s other evidence out there. Consider the Forrester Research found that a website that included at least one video was 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google compared to a site that was just text.
No matter if you like video or you prefer all text, adding a video can have a significant impact on your company in several ways. At Webstract, we can’t think of a better way for your company to show how unique they are. Contact us at 855-201-5800 to learn more about your video options.