Technology is Changing: Will Your Company Be Ready?The world continues to change around us and it is no surprise to most companies that there are important ways they can and should be incorporating technology into their marketing plan. Many companies are so used to having access to social media marketing that they forget how new it is and that it is important to stay up on the latest changes to it. You can learn more by continuing to read or by contacting Webstract at 855-201-5800 for a free website analysis.

Allow technology to allow you to expand your focus

If you are only looking at local advertising then you are likely not making as many connections as you can. Your goal should be not just to look at those within your city limits but to connect with people and companies outside of that community. No matter how local your product or service may be, getting more people to know your brand is never a bad thing.

Social media is now more about nurturing relationships than conversions

It wasn’t long ago that your only goal on Facebook was likely to convert viewers and users to clients and customers. Today, the better option is to nurture relationships both with current clients and customers and prospective clients and customers. As you change this goal, you will need to change the metrics that are used to determine success too. As a result, engagement becomes much more important than reach. In short, it is better to have fewer followers than many followers if the few you do have engage often.

Your clients are going to want better technology

In today’s world, it is not enough to wait until you want to update technology – consumers are demanding it. They want to ensure that their data is safe. They want technology to connect them to what they want. They want access to messages and information instantly. If your company is not providing this to your clients then you can count on another company stepping in to do so.

There is power in your content

Many companies have seen the importance of having great content for years but more and more companies are truly embracing this truth. Telling customers or clients your story in a relatable manner makes a huge impact. Yes, you want to take part in social media but you want to do it in such a way that your brand looks closer to people – not further.

Do you need help getting up to speed?

If technology in marketing is not your strong suit then you are in for some good news: At Webstract we are ready to help you. Our team has been working on marketing solutions for many years. We focus on taking the best of what has worked in the past and combining it with what is working today and what is coming for the future. Reach out to us today at 855-201-5800 and we can get started.