Are You Making Any of These 3 Common Email Marketing Mistakes?
Email marketing can be a successful part of your social media marketing strategy but it’s not going to be effective if you’re making any of these three mistakes. Read on to learn about them and then contact Webstract at 855-201-5800 to let us boost your company’s online performance. We not only offer a free quote – we offer a free website analysis for your company.

Mistake #1:    Not engaging with clients at the right time

The best time to email your customer is when their interest is at its highest. When is that? Generally speaking, it’s right after they’ve made a purchase, opted in to your online marketing list, or contacted your company in some way. Make sure you have a smart follow-up sequence that involves an immediate response, one a few days later, and another follow-up weeks down the line. If you wait weeks to contact them for the first time, then you’re likely to see spam complaints go through the roof.

Mistake #2:    Not understanding the different needs of different subscribers

Not all of your customers want the same message. You may have one that’s looking for more info on deals, while other is only interested in learning about new products you may be offering. Depending on the specific message you’re sending, you may be leaving orders on the table by giving discounts to customers who don’t need them and by bombarding deal seekers with new product information.
Take the time to understand that there are different segments to your customer base. Find the right way to market to individual segments and you’ll see the best success.

Mistake #3:    Not integrating your data

The data you want isn’t just the name and email address of each person on your list. You want to also make sure that you have the information cross referenced to understand the purchase history, location, and preferences of each subscriber. The more data you can get, the better able you will be to service your customers.
Of course, these are just mistakes that Webstract often sees in email marketing ideas. The reality is that there are a million and one mistakes a company can make when trying to set up their online presence. That’s where we come in.

Would you trust your mechanic to pull your teeth?

Too often, businesses don’t understand why they need social media marketing strategies that include things like search engine optimization and email marketing. They often think they can handle it on their own. They assume that if they’re good at business or if they have experience in marketing that they’ll be great at improving their online presence.
Unfortunately, this isn’t always true. After all, your mechanic has experience pulling engines out of cars. Couldn’t you trust them to pull out your teeth? If not, if you’d rather visit the dentist, then you understand why it’s important to trust a specialist with your specialized needs. Call Webstract today at 855-201-5800 to get started. We can’t pull your teeth but we can help boost your online presence.