Is a Landing Page Really That Important?
A recent study indicated that more than 80% of Americans search online before they buy a product or decide on a service. This is likely no surprise to you, but think about this: Imagine a person searching a term that’s relevant to their needs, clicking on a result, and then ending up at a landing page that’s either totally irrelevant to what they’re looking for has so much information that it’s simply impossible to find what they need. What do you think they’re going to do?
At Webstract, we can tell you what they’ll do: They’ll go somewhere else. As a business owner, your goal is not just to get people to your website but to get them to make contact with you or sign up for a consultation. In short, you want to gain new leads.

Some pages on your website are more important than others

The truth is that not every page on your website is created equal. It’s your job to ensure that there’s a direct link between what your page is and what a visitor is likely trying to find on your first page. That’s where the landing page comes in.
Your landing page is specific to a certain purpose. Perhaps you’re dealing with a social media campaign, or you’re going through a pay-per-click SEM campaign. That landing page is dedicated to look exactly like your website. The purpose is to get visitors to not just stay on the page but to provide you with a new lead.

The best practices for landing pages

Many of our clients believe that if it was easy to get landing pages to perform well, every company out there would be doing it. The truth is that Webstract has the experience needed to take your company’s mission and narrow it down to the smartest digital marketing campaign possible. There are numerous characteristics you’ll see on landing pages that perform well:

  • Their heading includes keywords that searchers commonly use.
  • Their subheading includes a different keyword or key phrase.
  • Headlines are clear about what is being offered.
  • Under every heading, there is a description of the product or service being offered.
  • A custom image is used.
  • Depending on your particular product or service, a video many increase your conversion rate.
  • The copywriting throughout the page is relevant and concise.
  • A call to action is included so visitors know exactly what to do next.
  • There is a submission form that takes the visitor to a separate page that thanks them.

Does the idea of creating a landing page overwhelm you?

The reality is that most companies lack the expertise to quickly and effectively create landing pages and other digital marketing products. Your job as a business owner is to grow your company – not oversee complicated online marketing. That’s where Webstract comes in. Contact us today for your free quote!