Improving Your SEO with Social Media
Every year, the algorithm designed to pull up the search results you want for any given word gets a little more precise. The best search engine algorithms, namely Google, analyzes the backlinks, SEO keyword density, and local SEO boosted through social media. As a result of the way Google and other search engines pull up results for whatever keyword you may be trying to target, you can fully optimize your SEO by utilizing it on social media.

Social Media Profiles Can Rank Easily

If you search any given big company name, their social networking platforms will pop up right alongside their main website. If you search any given small business name, their main website can take a bit of optimizing before it pops up in the results. Their small business Facebook page, Twitter profile, Pinterest, and Instagram are all likely to pop up, however. You can rank easier in search engines, move up in search results overall, and it will boost your authenticity and personality as a business at the same time.

Use SEO on Social Media

Nowadays, you don’t just have to Google it to find the answer. Facebook has a reliable search engine if you want to find that little café in the next town, look at the trending hashtags, and see the latest news. In a way, social media has its own SEO rules to abide by, and you can utilize these rules to fully optimize your business name.

Social Signals Boost Search Results

Google has stated mixed responses about whether they use social signals and social media popularity to weigh into their search results. On the other hand, Bing, the second most used search engine in the world, has stated multiple times that they analyze the overall authority of a person on social media. This means they take a look at how many people follow you versus how many people you’re following, how many likes you have, and much more.

Hashtags Are Their Own SEO

Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook are on the hashtag train, and it’s created another way to attract followers. By optimizing the hashtags you use on each of these social media outlets, you can potentially draw in a much larger crowd. For Instagram and Twitter, the right hashtag can get you noticed by the audience you’re trying to attract. The right hashtag has gotten businesses from all niches some popularity, whether they’re trending, retweeted, or there’s just a large spike in overall followers.

Don’t Oversaturate

While you have the opportunity to fully optimize the way every search engine sees you, you can also come on a little too strong. For example, make sure to limit the amount of hashtags you use, especially on Facebook. Instagram and Twitter more forgiving, but still try to just choose the most important hashtags for your niche.
There’s a thin line to follow with the search engine algorithms that are constantly being updated. Let the experts take care of the hard part so that you can see your business flourish. Shoot Webstract Marketing an email at or give us a call at 855-201-5800 to get your website moving up in the search results as soon as possible.