Color and Text: These May Be More Important to Your Logo Than You Realize
Logos serve many purposes. They help your potential customers or clients instantly identify you, then broadcast something about your company, and they showcase your company’s unique style. In many cases, a company assumes that if they like their logo, then it’s already a success. However, studies have shown that logo and web design are much more important than is often understood.

Learn what you’re portraying with your color choice

One recent study showed that changing the color makeup of a marketing campaign was capable of changing the way people felt motivated to work with the company by as much as 80%. This is because associating a particular color with a particular emotion is etched in our brains, whether we’re aware of it or not.
For example, did you know that seeing the color red can actually raise your heart rate and make you hungry? Researchers believe this dates all the way back to our ancient ancestors, who associated red with the color of meat and blood. Here are some other colors that can associate certain feelings or memories for people:

  • White brings peace, simplicity, and truthfulness to mind.
  • Yellow is a happy, curious, and optimistic color.
  • Black makes people think of authority, power, tradition, and sophistication.
  • Red is the danger color that can also bring excitement, passion, and hunger.
  • Pink is a feminine color that makes people feel grateful, delicate, and innocent.
  • Orange is a lighthearted color that brings to mind high-spiritedness, creativity, and affordability.
  • Brown is a natural color that makes people feel calm and serious.
  • Blue is calming while remaining authoritative, is powerful while remaining loyal.
  • People see green and think of nature and wealth, along with fertility and health.
  • Gray is a neutral color that makes people think of corporations and practicality.
  • Purple is a royal color that’s seen as noble, mysterious, and beautiful.

As you can see, color can say a lot about your company. What do your company’s current logo colors advertise to your customers or clients?

The type and text you use matters too

When we take about the importance of the type and text, we’re not just talking about what the words say and what we mean. We’re talking about the typeface that’s used. Just like colors, the type of typeface used can subconsciously make people feel a certain way. For example, when a person sees a typeface that’s rounded and soft, they’ll feel relaxed and calm, while a sharper, more angular typeface could lead to them feeling more amped and excited.
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