How to Boost Your Customer Base in Real Life
At Webstract, we’re experts in the digital marketing space. We can offer you marketing services that could change the future of your business. That said, we believe that the best marketing strategy is one that encompasses many different aspects. That’s why we may stress local marketing alongside a more general SEO campaign.
It’s also why we’ve come up with some ideas to help you boost your customer base in real life. These tips aren’t for everyone, but if you’ve wondered how you can get out in your community to drum up excitement about your business, then these are the tips you’ve been looking for.

Look for events to attend that make sense

You do want to attend as many local events as possible but only if they have the right type of people. You may have to go through some trial and error to discover what events are useful and what aren’t. Try a few different options, looking for events that attract different types of people, and then narrow down the options for future events. Eventually you’ll figure out how to best spend your time at these events.

Get to events early

This is crucial to successful networking. When you’re early, you’re able to establish yourself within the room. You can networking before the programming begins and before the crowd gets too thick. If you’re one of the first people present, then you’ll be able to start conversations – which means you can control the conversations.

Always be ready to shake hands

This may seem obvious but all too often, people go to networking events and find themselves juggling their business cards, drinks, food, etc. Make sure you always have one hand free to shake hands. If you’re eating and drinking, you may seem unapproachable to others. Try to get your food and drink in before you head to the event.

Make eye contact and say hello to everyone

It may seem awkward at first to make eye contact with strangers and say hello to them, but often the most effective way to start a useful conversation is simply by saying, “Hello, how are you?” At the least, you’ll seem friendly and approachable, and the best you’ll make some great contacts with people you wouldn’t have otherwise spoken to.

Incorporate your digital marketing strategy

Working to network in real life is one part of the marketing strategy but it can’t be the entirety of it. You need a website, you need a social media presence, and you need help to achieve these goals. The good news is that Webstract is here to help.
In our many years of experience, we’ve successfully helped many companies improve their digital presence and boosted their customer base. If you’re not sure if we can really help you, we encourage you to reach out for a free quote and free website analysis. You’ll find out exactly what our plans are for your company and how we can help. Call us today at 855-201-5800.