5 Ways to Better Reach Your Target Audience on Social Media
The best ways to reach your target audience on social media aren’t the same things you would have done five years ago – or even a year ago. At Webstract, we have our finger on the pulse of social media and can adjust campaigns accordingly. Here are five of the best tips we have for reaching your target audience on social media.

  1. Work within the right channels

  2. It wasn’t long ago that talking about a social media presence meant talking about Facebook and Twitter. Today, Pinterest is actually the second largest driver of traffic on all social media sites (second only to Facebook). Instagram is currently gaining in popularity, and some companies are even jumping on Snapchat. The key is to think about your target audience and then find out which social platforms they’re using. Webstract can help break down the numbers for you.

  3. Focus on being helpful and informative

  4. Today’s customers are incredibly savvy. They don’t want click bait articles and they’re not interested in posts that don’t tell them anything new. Find ways to get them excited, while focusing on two primary goals: Being helpful and being informative. Of course, a giveaway or contest once in a while can help too!

  5. Share you story and show your customers why you’re different

  6. What different about your company? Do you have a unique store about the way you were founded? Do you use a material or offer a service that customers can’t find anywhere else? This is one of the top things that will set one brand apart from another, and yet too often brands focus only on their specific products or services and not on their story. Social media followers want behind-the-scenes info and stories that will show the depth of your company.

  7. Consider new ways to get referrals

  8. One of the best ways to grow traffic is to get your current customers to share your website or social media accounts with their friends and family. Consider offering incentives for them to do so. Again, this could be something like a contest, with one entry for everyone who shares the post, or you could offer a discount to new customers as well as discounts to those who referred them. However you get there, remember that whatever makes your customers turn to you, that need is likely present in some of the people they’re close to.

  9. Work with a digital marketing team

  10. The reality is that this business is changing on almost a daily basis. By the time you master social media marketing, a new platform will have taken over. That’s one of the many advantages of working with a digital marketing company like Webstract. We stay on top of the latest trends so you don’t have to. Reach out to us today for a free quote and website analysis.