5 Digital Marketing Tips to Boost Your Company’s Profile in the New Year
January is well under way and it is a great time to get your company off to a new start. As you look for wans to boost your company’s online profile in 2019, consider these five tips. Remember as well that you can always reach out to Webstract for help with a comprehensive digital marketing campaign.

  1. Find Your Focus and Stick with It

  2. One of the biggest problems companies have is trying to do it all. They may see a multi-national corporation doing great on all social media platforms, winning all the digital ad space, and simply seeming to do it all. In fact, they may be doing it all – but they also have dozens of employees heading up their digital marketing team. As a small or medium business, you have limited resources and they should be used wisely. It is better to do a few things very well than to spread yourself too thin and fail at all your digital marketing efforts.

  3. It is All About Quality Content

  4. Most digital marketing tips tend to focus on what to do with content once you have it. While it is important to know how to use hashtags, how to market locally, etc., none of this will matter if the content you are trying to push is poorly done. Use a professional copywriter to provide quality content and you will find it much easier to get content in front of potential users.

  5. Promote Your Content the Right Way

  6. When we mention focusing, one of the most important ways to do that is to ensure that you are promoting your content smartly. Many companies work to get content in front of as many eyes as possible. While this may seem like a good idea on the surface, the reality can be much different. For example, is it better to get your content in front of 100,000 pairs of eyes when only 3 of them are interested in what your company offers, or in front of 1,000 where 300 are interested in what you have to offer? Be strategic in pushing your content.

  7. Be Engaging on Social Media

  8. It is common for a company to learn that they should have a social media presence, set up said presence, and then use it for nothing but posting information about their company. The best way to gain followers – and keep them – is to engage with them. Respond to their comments. Post articles that are about your industry but not your company. Post funny or cute memes.

  9. Yes, You Should Encourage Reviews

  10. Many companies are afraid of online reviews. It seems that in the digital age, people feel that since they can comment anonymously they will do so negatively. While it is likely that you will get some bad reviews, no matter how hard or well you work, savvy users can tell the difference between a reasonable and unreasonable review. If you encourage reviews then you will be hopefully increasing the overall number – which means that a few negative ones will not have much of an impact.

Of course, the best tip you can follow to boost your company in the new year is to let Webstract provide comprehensive services.