Templates Don’t Cut It: Learn Why You Need a Custom Website
There are many things that templates are perfect for. If you’re cutting fabric, use a template. If you’re tracing shapes, use a template. If you’re creating a website . . . skip the template. Investing in web development and web design is one of the best investments your company can make. Read on to learn why and then contact Webstract to find out how you can get started.

Website templates are as bad as resume templates

Would you create a resume using a Word template? Not if you wanted your resume to stand out, you wouldn’t. Though there are many issues with Word’s resume templates, including ever-moving margins and other formatting nightmares, but the real issue is that savvy HR folks can spot a template a mile away. It immediately makes a person seem unoriginal, despite what their resume actually says.
You should think of your website the same way: It doesn’t matter how great your services or products are, or what your website says about your company, if it doesn’t immediately portray what you want people to know about your company, then it will not be a success.

What’s the purpose of your brand?

When deciding if you should use a template or not, there’s one question to consider: Do you want to fit into someone else’s mold or create your own? If you’re looking to simply mirror another company and start a business that works like theirs, then a template may be just what you’re looking for. On the other hand, if you want your company to do something new and be a trailblazer, then it likely makes sense to have a custom design.

It starts with knowing your goals

The best way to get a custom website that meets your specific needs is to be clear about what you want. Too often, business owners believe that their website has only one purpose, and that is to give information to their customers. This is indeed an important part of your website but it’s not everything. Regardless of what your website says, it may very well be the first impression that clients or potential customers get of your company.
If they click a search result and see your website, they’re going to decide right away if they should keep reading or click on the next search result. You need to understand your goals to help encourage them to keep reading. Do you want your website to showcase how experienced you are in your trade? Or that you’re an up and coming company with new visions? The look of your website will be the first clue potential clients have about what your company can do for them.

Let us steer you in the right direction

The bottom line is that you’re not an expert in this field – and why should you be? Turn to the pros to ensure your website does everything you need it to do. Turn to Webstract.