Local SEO Marketing: Does Your Company Really Need It?
At Webstract we get a lot of questions from clients who want to better understand their marketing options. Often they’ll ask us if, in today’s global world, local advertising is still relevant. The truth is that it may be more relevant than ever before. Read on to learn why and then reach out to us at 855-201-5800 or via email for your free website analysis.

Thing about it like this: What do you do when you need a birthday cake?

To understand why local advertising is still just as relevant – if not more relevant – than ever before, imagine yourself in this common situation: You need to find a local baker to make a cake for your spouse’s birthday party. How are you going to do that? If you’re like most people, you’re going to search online and then you’re going to do some research.
You might read reviews of the company, you might look at pictures of their past work. If they have a blog, you may check it to see how involved they are in the industry. The same is true for your company. Local clients find you by searching for you and then they check out your company before they ever set foot in your door or contact you. This is why a good digital marketing agency can help tremendously.

We can help with local advertising in many ways

When you work with Webstract, you can count on us to boost your local business listings in a number of ways. First, we’ll ensure that your company is claimed on the major sites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! This helps ensure that no one else hijacks it and uses it for their own uses. We’ll also ensure that you’re listed on various directly submissions such as Best of the Web.
We’ll check Getlisted.org to make sure that all the information there is up to date, including your location or locations and your phone number or phone numbers. After all, there’s no point in helping people find your company if they end up getting out of date information on how to contact you.
Next we’ll work to build citations. This may include things like getting you listed with your local chamber of commerce or working with the Better Business Bureau. We’ll also help you get more reviews for your business on sites like Yelp and Facebook. Remember that most people will do some amount of research before choosing a company so these reviews can be instrumental.

This is only a partial list of the ways in which we can help you

The above are some of the most common services we offer with local advertising. The truth is that every company’s needs are different. We will tailor our approach based on your company’s location, your needs, and the industry in which you operate. Reach out to Webstract today and we’ll provide you with a 100% free, no-obligation website analysis. We can tell you what we’d improve and how we’d improve it before you pay us a cent.