Keep Your Data and Your Customers Safe by Following the Latest Security Protocols
In a day where we have heard about data breach after data breach it has never been more important to ensure that your data is under control. At Webstract we can help with marketing tasks but there is no substitute for being a company that your customers can trust. Read on for basic ideas about the latest data security protocols.

Putting the data breaches in perspective

It does seem that we hear about a new data breach every day but there is one thing we believe you should keep in mind: A lot of time is spent on social media. The more people are online, the more people spend money online, and the more people give out their personal information online, the more likely it will be that their data is breached at some point. Does this make it okay? Certainly not – but it is important to understand that part of the reason these issues are spiking is because online usage is spiking.

Change your passwords often

It may sound scary, but you should just assume that some of your data has been taken. The reality is that until very recently, little to nothing was done to prevent data breaches and they were more common than you may think. You should change your passwords regularly, especially on sites that store sensitive information. The password you choose should be very strong. Do not use a birthday, address, etc.

Keep an eye on the apps you use

Most people are so used to all the questions about permissions that they don’t blink an eye when installing an app – especially a free one. They will typically ask for information from Facebook, to access your texts, to access your photos, etc. You may think this is normal but keep in mind that anyone can create a free app and request these permissions. Make sure you know who is running the app and why they need the info they are asking for.

Ensure your customer’s data is private and secure

Of course, the tips above are designed to keep your data secure so that your client’s or customers’ data is secure. Take every measure you can to ensure this and communicate with your clients or customers about how their data is being protected. Do not ask for more information than is needed. Hacks happen to companies of all sizes and the last thing you want is to look as though you do not value the privacy of your customers.

We can help you get your name out there

At Webstract we believe in the importance of protecting information of clients and customers. We look forward to bringing you on as a client. If you need help with digital marketing then we are the company to reach out to. Getting started is simple and we will even provide a free website analysis.