Is Video a Part of Your Marketing Platform? It Should Be
For just about any company, custom video should be a part of their marketing plan. Keep reading to learn why video is so important, the most important factors to consider, and how to get excellent video. Then reach out to Webstract for further marketing help. Our services start with a free quote and website analysis so you know exactly what is needed.

It gives you a stage for your product or service

Online videos have become more and more popular as a marketing tool for companies both small and large – and everything in between. One of the main reasons is that it gives a company the opportunity to share their message with customers and prospective customers. Whatever you want to show, whether it’s the product or service itself or the humanity behind your company, video gives you total control and can have a huge impact.

Use video to break down digital barriers

In this day and age, with so much being done online, customers are becoming less and less loyal to the companies they work with and less detached from them as a whole. A lot of this is because they are not shopping in a physical store and they do not have a strong relationship with anyone at a company. Videos can break down these barriers. You can show behind the scenes info, you can introduce your team, you can show the product being made – anything you show can help your customers better connect with you and your product or service.

Custom videos can have a huge impact on your search rankings

If search engine optimization (SEO) is part of your marketing plan then you will love custom video. Why? Because it can have a huge impact on your rankings. In fact, we noticed that our client’s rankings have improved significantly by adding a video. For one client, we added a video and saw them go from the 15th page to the 1st page on Google. This can mean a significant increase in visibility – and thus an increase in profitability. In fact, Forrester Researcher found that a website with a video is more than 50x as likely to appear on the first page of Google as one without.

Adding video is easy, affordable, and fun

The biggest thing that keeps companies from adding videos to their websites is that they don’t know how. We know the technology may feel daunting but the good news is that Webstract is here to help you. We can write the script, shoot the video, get it uploaded, and sure that it is optimized. This is actually a very affordable process too – especially when you consider how much of an impact it can have.
If you are interested in finding new ways to improve your company’s marketing plan then we urge you to contact Webstract today. We are here to help your company find its true potential.