Essential Questions to Ask When Considering a Digital Marketing Agency
There is no way around it: Digital marketing is complicated. For most of our clients, there is no way they could keep up on content creation, social media marketing, blogging, etc. and still effectively run their business. This is why they turn to Webstract and other digital marketing agencies. We can help with it all, from SEO to setting up mobile websites – and much more.
If you are considering working with a digital marketing then you likely have many questions. However, you may not know what industry-specific questions to ask. If you have never worked with this type of marketing company then we suggest asking the following questions to get a good idea of the right fit.

What type of clients do you work with?

If a digital marketing agency you are considering has experience within your specific industry then that is likely great news. You can see direct examples of what they have done for people in your specific situation. However, even if they do not have experience with your specific industry they have likely worked with people in similar industries. The key is the nature of the approach: Have they worked to optimize for clients like yours?

What would your approach be to marketing for my industry?

When it comes to personalizing services for each client, the key is not to focus on what the client actually offers or provides by way of services or products. Instead, the focus should be on their clientele. What kind of people buy your product? What are they looking for?
Consider an example of two companies that sell men’s shirts. On the surface, it would seem that similar approaches would work for both – after all, a shirt is a shirt, right? Not so fast. Further consider that one company sells work shirts for men in the construction industry while another sells work shirts for men who wear suits to work each day.
If you are the company that sells to white-collar men, would you want a marketing company that has experience selling shirts, but only to those in the construction agency, or a marketing company that’s never specifically marketed men’s shirts but has marketed luxury watches? As you can see, the people being marketed too are often more important than the actual product being marketed.

What is your team like?

Your goal is to find a marketing firm that’s been around and is likely to be around for years to come. The reality of this type of digital marketing is that results can take time to foster. Once you have achieved them, ongoing maintenance is required. The last thing you want is for your account to be bounced between new employee after new employee. Trust a company that has had the same people working for them for years.
At Webstract we are ready to answer any questions you have about digital marketing. You can reach us at 855-201-5800 or with additional questions or to request your free consultation.