Is Your Company Just Starting Pay-Per-Click? Look Out for These Three Things
There are many reasons that pay-per-click advertising may be just what your company is looking for. However, it’s important to note that there’s no such thing as a marketing plan that works for every company. This is why at Webstract we don’t make any assumptions before offering our advice on your best paths forward. Read on to learn three reasons that PPC may not be right for you and then contact us at 855-201-5800 to learn more about the right choices for your company.

  1. It’s not as easy as you may think
  2. One of the biggest mistakes we see people making is assuming that this is a very simple process. They assume they can hire an intern or college student to put data in and monitor their account. The reality is that high-performing PPC campaigns take skill, strategy, and a comprehensive understanding of various advertising platforms. It also requires knowing the rules and guidelines, coming at the project with some creativity, and a lot of marketing sense.
    As a result, we suggest that you either hire a digital marketing company to handle it for you or you have an in-hose person dedicated to your PPC campaign. Be wary of an individual or company that promises to change your income structure overnight – they clearly don’t understand this process or how to properly designate business objectives.

  3. It’s collaborative
  4. You may wish that you could assign PPC marketing to someone else and then be done with it, but the best strategy isn’t quite that simple. While your PPC manager will be an expert of PPC, you are an expert on your business. Together, you will work to find the best ways for you to execute both of your goals, to grow your business, and to increase sales. At Webstract, we know how to ask the targeted questions that get us what we need quickly and easily so we can perform the best PPC campaign possible.

  5. It’s an ongoing process
  6. You will continue to do PPC marketing as longs as your company is in business. When it’s done correctly, you’re making an investment but you’re getting an impressive return on it. Even if your company is soaring, if you want to continue to drive revenue and bring in new clients then you’ll want to continue with PPC efforts.

It will be there when you have a new website to launch, when you have a new product to roll out, when a widget is released in a new color, when you have a new webinar to show – it can be there for everything from launches to rebrandings.
Are you curious to know how this and other digital marketing efforts can help your business? Then contact Webstract at 855-201-5800. We can start you out with a free website analysis and provide customized recommendations for your specific business.