5 Ways to Improve the Click-Through Rate on Your Email Newsletter
Creating an email newsletter can be a great way to keep past and potential customers in the loop about what’s going on with your company, yet too often people who get newsletters don’t click through to your promotions. Webstract has five creative ideas to help boost your click-through rates.

  1. Focus on what your newsletter says

  2. In today’s world of images and videos, many companies spend a lot more time designing their emails than they do actually working up great content. Is your company guilty of this? If so, try sending out a plain text email that includes a few call to actions. Many companies are shocked by how many people will read the email in its entirety and then click through.

  3. Take time to formulate the right email subject line

  4. The subject line of your email will have a huge influence on how likely your recipients are to open the email. If the subject line is relevant enough to the main purpose of your email, then you may have readers simply open and click through right away. To find out what subject lines will most appeal to the recipients, take a look at past newsletters and note that subject lines seemed to work the best.

  5. Make sure you have solid calls to action

  6. Every email should have at least one call to action, though several is generally preferable. A call to action is just what it sounds like – a request for the reader to do something. It might be as simple as, “Call us today for more information,” or it may be something more like, “Click this link to find out what you’ve been missing out on.” Every call to action should be a clear instruction for the reader to do something specific.

  7. Offer readers a freebie

  8. Everyone likes free things and your subscribers are likely no exception. Think about what you’re able to offer for free. For example, at Webstract, we might offer a free white paper that describes pay per click marketing. Anything that costs your company little but gets a lot of clicks is a great investment.

  9. Buttons often work better than links

  10. Links are generally part of the text a person is reading and they can be easily overlooked. On the other hand, a button is there for only one purpose: To be clicked on. Some clients have seen significantly better click through rates just by switching to buttons over links. Once again, just be careful not to pepper in too many buttons or the email will start to look cluttered.

Of course, one of the best ways to see much better click-through rates is to get more subscribers. Let Webstract help with all your social media marketing. Reach out to us today to get your free website analysis.