3 Effective Ways to Use Copywriting to Improve Your Website It’s common for business owners to assume that all their website needs to do is tell potential customers what services or products are available to them. While this may be the minimum you can do with your website, it’s worth it to consider what more you could be doing. Reach on to learn three ways you can use copywriting, check out the copywriting services offered by Webstract and then contact us at 855-201-5800.

  1. Start out by inspiring
  2. The right way to use copywriting will vary based on your brand and what you’re trying to achieve. For some companies, inspiring visitors is a great way to use copywriting. This is typically the choice for a brand that wants to be impactful and affect the emotions of their readers. It’s a great way to drive empathy and to gain interest from readers.
    Starting out by inspiring could look something like this, “Moms and dads, we know your pain: Parenting is hard.” The next step would be to show the reader how you can help, and finally make it clear that your company is an expert in this field.

  3. Give all the details of your company
  4. There’s a well-known shortcut that helps journalists remember what’s they must include in their stories: Who, what, when, where, and why. When it comes to copywriting for your brand, the shortcut you can use is “why, how, and what.”
    Start out by showing why people want your product. For example, if you have a service that solves a problem, outline that problem that needs to be fixed. Next, cover the how of the situation. This would essentially explain the ways in which your product or service is helpful and can solve the problem at hand. End with the what, which describes exactly what your product or service is.

  5. Start big and then get small
  6. This copywriting options is based on one of the most famous and respected sales tactics of all time: Focusing on the bigger picture and then bringing the focus back to your solution. This gives your company the opportunity to speak to the larger world and to create a storyline that applies to as many people as possible.

Once you’ve shown the bigger picture of the issue at hand, you can get smaller and smaller until eventually you’re highlighting your brand and your service. Not only does this give you access to the largest possible customer pool, but it helps your local customers feel as though they’re part of a larger world.

Get expert help to solve your copywriting needs

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